About Us

Dedicated to developing students to become responsible learners & self-confident individuals!

About Us


About Us

Happy Day School is a family started school, and was started 66 years ago in Monterey Park, CA that is dedicated to developing students who are academically prepared, responsible learners and self-confident individuals. We provide preschool, kindergarten, and summer programs for children in and around the communities of Monterey Park.

Pre-school is the 1st big step, your child will make into the world of learning. During pre-school we will encourage and teach your child – as well as nurture the unique personality your child will be developing during this time – which will in turn, build self-confidence and help form the basis for future success and learning.

When your child starts kindergarten, we help extend and enhance their skills from written and oral communication, to math and science, as well as everything in between. Your child’s curriculum will consist of academics along with activities from physical participation and education, to signing and music literature.

We also offer Summer School & Science Camp which includes the State Standard Curriculum where your child will be placed in grade appropriate academically challenging class in the AM hours, and during the afternoon, your child will be exposed to fun recreational activities from swimming, chess, dance and much more!

To learn more about our programs, or to take a tour of the school, please phone us at (626) 282-2919 or send us an email!