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Kindergarten - Happy Day School

Kindergarten | Happy Day School - (626) 282-2919


Happy Day School has an advanced California Standards Aligned Curriculum. Our kindergarten children are helped to extend their skills in using and understanding, through experiences which contribute to their intellectual development including:

  • Oral & Written Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music
  • Computers
  • Physical Education
  • Phonics & Reading

Each day will include many of these experiences as well as:

  • Active physical participation & education
  • Hearing & responding to literature & music
  • Singing & rhythmic activities
  • Practice in building good work habits
  • Exploring various art media
  • Activities to improve listening skills & habits
  • Learning to know & respect our countries traditions through the daily Pledge of Allegiance & Flag Salute.

If you have questions please phone us at (626) 282-2919 or visit our school for more information.